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Abby & Marcus had a incredible wedding on a nice winter day at the Raleigh Marriott. Photographing their wedding was such a fun experience. Starting with an amazing Downtown Durham Engagement Session at the American Tobacco Road Campus. I could not help but to think about all the great memories, captured up to this point. So much planning and correspondence goes into planning this special day. You can’t help but feel a little sad that it has to come to a end. We had a great time working with Abby & Marcus. Check out all of the fun from their wedding day!

How did you meet? And how long have you dated? We met in College at Western Carolina University through Intramural sports. We played on intramural flag football and basketball teams. We ended up going to Nationals down in New Orleans together, and that’s where it officially all started! We dated for 5 years.

Where was your first date? What did you do? 
First date was in Asheville, NC where we went to a Dinner date at Japanese (Hibachi) restaurant. We both were full after this date, but noticed the Krispe Kreme Hot sign on when we left the restaurant, and we both knew we HAD to stop and get a dozen Doughnuts! From then on, I think we knew we were meant for each other!
How did he propose? (Location? Surprises? Anything quirky and unique is appreciated)
We went Downtown Raleigh for Valentines day where I booked a hotel room to stay down there for the night. We had reservations at the sky restaurant at the hotel in Downtown Raleigh, where I intended to propose to Abby. Of course, they overbooked the restaurant, and our reservations ended up being an hour plus wait! Luckily I made reservations at another restaurant downtown Raleigh called The Big Easy. So with the proposal at the sky restaurant a no go, I then switched to proposing on the way to The big Easy (5 minute walk from hotel). Of course, when we get outside, its the windiest day in the history of North Carolina, and there was no way this was going to work! So we go eat at the Big Easy, and return back to the hotel. We are sitting in the chair at the hotel, and I mention to Abby to grab something out of my jacket. Knowing Abby, I gave her a little incentive to get up and go grab something (Foot rub when she gets back!). She reaches in the jacket pocket and feels the box, and her face goes from calm, to WHATTT! She brings the ring over to me and I drop to a knee and say my spill! Meanwhile, Abby is not really paying attention much to what I am saying, but has already taken the ring out of the box and is looking at how it glows on her finger! I am looking at her, so I do not even realize yet that she has already taken the ring. I look down to grab it and put it on her finger, and it is GONE! Anyways, that is how it all went down!


Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0175How about your wedding shoes and jewelry? 

Wedding shoes were close toed Ivory heels with a bow on the heel (outlined in Rhinestones). Abby wore Pearl Earrings and a bracelet.

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0226

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0270

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0322Tell us about your gown?

Wedding dress was Ivory laced with capped sleeves and a train.





Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0290

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0299


Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0325

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0339

Tell us about your bridesmaids?

6 Bridesmaids. 2 of them were childhood friends (Rose & Casey). 2 of them were Marcus’s sisters (Jaz and Cierra). The youngest was Abby’s Niece (Katie). Her Sister (Angie) was her Matron of Honor. 

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0423

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0428

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0421

Tell us about your wedding photography?

Our photographer was everything you could ask for and more! Professional, creative, and you could tell his team really enjoyed what they were doing. Throughout the whole process, everything was smooth and went without any problems. Our pictures turned out amazing, and was provided to us in a timely and organized fashion.

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0460

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0489

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0283

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0521

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0529

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Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0586

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0593






Tell us about his groomsmen?

Groomsmen are all friends from childhood, and friends I met in College. All have been with me through sports, trips, going out, etc…. 3 of my groomsmen played football with me at Western Carolina (Centario, James, and Quincy). Other 3 groomsmen grew up with me in the Raleigh/Durham area, for as far back as Elementary school (John-Tyler, Colby, and Greg). My Best man was my father, who was always there to teach me the main principles I live by today!




Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0774

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0775

Was there any particular theme or style for your wedding?

Classy and romantic as it consisted of a lot of candles and gold decorations.

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0787


Brown Walls Wedding Blog-5792

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Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0825

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0837 Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0842

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0844

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0848

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0858

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0854

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0851

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-5863 - Copy

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-5888

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0875

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Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0860

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Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0881

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-0889




What’s your favorite image from your wedding day, and why?

Favorite image was us coming into the reception because it captured our personalities and why we are perfect together.



Brown Walls Wedding Blog-1206

Brown Walls Wedding Blog-1208






And your cake?

Ivory 3 tiered cake with gold B at the top for Brown.
















Any advice for future brides?

Relax and enjoy the day! Do not forget to eat the food at your reception!  

Question for the GROOM: What things do you love the most about her?

Love how wild and crazy Abby is. Her personality is one of a kind, and the fact that she shares a lot of likes that I do (Sports, cards, traveling…) really makes our relationship worth while!

Question for the BRIDE: What things do you love the most about him?
Marcus is a caring, hard working, handsome, athletic man.
  1. Kim Alexander says:

    Beautiful Abby, we are so happy for you and your handsome husband. The pictures are precious. Thank you for sharing your very special day! We love you! Kim and Donald Alexander

  2. cathi putnam says:

    Your Day was so sweet and intimate. You were a beautiful bride. Be happy and live life to its fullest..its so short. Your Hubbie is so cute…..Be good to one another….love you girl!!!!!!

  3. Carolyn williams says:

    Both of you belong together. So sweet and the love flows from both of you. Stay happy and in love forever.

  4. Rayqwanda Williams says:

    Now that u two have joined together as one, Always put God first in ur marriage! And God will allow everything else to fall in place! And always keep ur marriage in a triangle shape!! Blessing to the newlyweds!

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