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Brooke and Trumane met each other at Planet Fitness in Knightdale, NC while Trumane was working as the overnight manager. The short version is that, finally one night about six months after Brooke had joined the gym, she asked Trumane what options the gym had for individuals that needed guidance for working out (use of the machines, how to train, etc.) Brooke complained about inconvenience of the set schedule that the personal trainers followed, because she would never be able to attend any of the classes. So, Trumane was like why won’t you be able to make any of the classes and that’s when Brooke told him about everything she was involved in at her church. From that point on, they immediately connected and he told her he could relate. They both were very active in their church. As the conversation came to a close, Trumane invited Brooke to her church for their youth conference. She said she couldn’t make it because she was going out of town that weekend. Slightly emotionally defeated she quickly said, she could come on the next Sunday instead. Trumane gave her the church name and the time service started and that was it. That’s how it all started and they have been in love ever since.

This awesome couple said “I do” at Victorious Praise Fellowship Church and the reception took place at The Royal Banquet Hall. We enjoyed working with Trumane and Brooke, we started photographing their wedding day at the Embassy Suites at Brier Creek to capture some getting ready images and bridal party portraits. The weather was perfect! We couldn’t ask for a better day, with them. Take a look at their love story, along with all the fun from the wedding day. Congratulations to Trumane and Brooke!

How did he propose? We hear it was full of surprises!

Trumane wanted the proposal to be a total surprise to me like most traditional grooms.  April 11th, Trumane departed earlier that week to head to Greenville, NC so that he could prepare the alumni choir for ECU’s Annual Anniversary Concert. At the same time, I found it interesting that my mom decided to fly in from Dallas to spend the weekend with me, but to her defense, that’s still pretty normal for her to randomly travel to visit me or any of my sisters.  All the while, not knowing that Trumane had already asked her for my hand in marriage weeks prior. After Trumane finished directing the alumni choir, he proceeded to thank everyone for all of their support of the choir throughout all of the years and the university. He eventually transitioned to inviting his family (Mom, Dad, and Sister) and my mom and I, onstage.   At that point, I had no clue what a going on and had no clue why he was rambling and why I was even on the stage. It wasn’t until I heard him say something about a black diamond and what it represented that I started to figure out what was actually happening.  The next thing I remember is him on bending knee asking me those five words…”Brooke, will you marry me?” It was nothing I ever expected, nothing I ever even dreamed of, but everything I ever wanted without knowing. In short…it was perfection.




















Tell us about your bridesmaids?

I had a total of three bridesmaids and a junior bridesmaid. Two of my bridesmaids were my birth sisters and the other is a close friend of mine that I consider a sister. I chose them because they always stand in the gap for me. They are my supporters, always petition God on my behalf and are not afraid to tell me the truth when I don’t want to hear it, they keep my grounded. I needed them by my side not only because of what they represented but because of who they are and what their role will always be in my life as well as my husband’s life for the rest of our lives.








Tell us about his groomsmen?

Trumane had a total of four groomsmen including one Best Man. Trumane chose all of his groomsmen based on the principle that they individually would be able to support him with integrity, good counsel, and spiritually. Christopher Cooper, his best friend was chosen for the role of the Best Man.  Bryan Spence, Dietrix Urquhart, and Marcus Saunders were chosen as his groomsmen.





















Tell us about your wedding photography?

In the beginning, Trumane and I really didn’t have a clue when it came to photography.  We searched through several vendors including one that offered their services to us as well, but eventually became more and more unimpressed with the quality of photos these vendors were producing.  Eventually, as time drew nearer to the final months with no vendor chosen, I was just completely over it.  So, I gave it to the one person I knew would get it done, my future husband Trumane. About a week later we were meeting with Raleigh Wedding Photographer Donnell Perry Photography.  By that time, we were way more knowledgeable on what to ask and what to look for when it came to wedding photography. After our consultation with Donnell, Trumane and I were extremely impressed with everything Donnell had to offer and it didn’t take us long to come to our final vendor decision. I think it took us a day or two LOL.

One of the best Christmas gifts we received this past year was the wedding album. Donnell sent it to us just before we were planning to fly to Dallas in the morning to surprise our mother for her surprise birthday celebration. Trumane and I were stoked when we read the email and couldn’t wait to view the images. The photography was phenomenally captured by Donnell Perry and his team of professionals. Trumane and I didn’t necessarily have a vision for the photography other than selecting the venues and the images that could be captured from those locations, but we absolutely loved the story that was told through each image on that day because it truly represented us and everything we envisioned to be embodied on that day.

Any advice for future brides?

I’m not the ideal bride. I took the traditional role as the groom…”yes, dear…whatever you say, dear.” I just needed the name of the venue, the time to be there the Pastor and two witnesses. Nothing else really mattered to me. With that being said, I would tell any future brides, like myself…Just breathe, things may not go as you planned but your day will be perfect as long as you know for sure you are marrying the man that loves you, the way God intended a husband to love his wife.






What’s your favorite image from your wedding day, and why?

This question is extremely hard because we had like a million pictures to choose from that are all great.  If we have to narrow it down to a few, we would have to say our favorite image from that day is probably the last image Donnell captured while we were at the Meredith College Amphitheatre. Trumane and I probably never knew Donnell was taking it, but it was as we were walking away heading back to our vehicle. In the photo, the trees and leaves personified autumn as the branches are becoming bare, which is exactly the theme in which we wanted our wedding ceremony to represent; the transition of late fall to early winter as a new beginning starts and new life can begin. Beyond that, it symbolizes what Trumane and I were about to embark, walking  together hand and hand into uncharted waters, leaving what we’ve known in our past and walking to our future and whatever it brings together.


Question for the GROOM: What things do you love the most about her?

The things that I love most about Brooke is her genuineness, her spirituality, and her heart.  From the beginning, Brooke is one of the most genuine individuals on this earth. What you see, is what you get. She is not the type of person that needs to prove anything to anyone, but at the same time carries herself in a way that sets her apart from so many. From our very first real conversation, we connected in the things we did and believed in. Lastly, is Brooke’s heart.  It’s so beautiful, so kind, so loving, so fragile yet strong, and so caring. I could not have imagined that anyone with that much love inside of them could exist, but because of the love she embodies with her heart, it shows me every day just how much more the Father loves us and it’s beyond amazing. If Brooke can love me the way she does, God’s love is simply goes beyond our wildest dreams.

Question for the BRIDE: What things do you love the most about him?

I love his integrity, his loyalty, the passion behind every hug and every kiss. The way he lights up when I walk in the room, EVERY TIME, it never fails. His tenderness, the way he corrects me with love, never disrespectful, the way he honors me. How he makes me feel like I am the only woman in the world…I could go on and on. Most, I would say is that he loves me the way God loves the church. Being raised in a single parent home I didn’t have that example, having it now and recognizing it because it reflects how God loves me, is priceless.

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