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Please share your engagement story and how you met? 

The love story all began in Chemistry Class at East Wake Academy, Leah’s sophomore year and Taylor’s senior year.

We sat in front of each other the first few weeks of class but never made much conversation unless we were doing group work or something of that sort. Taylor says, “She always looked rude like she had an attitude and didn’t want to be there.” Which was true, I did not want to be at East Wake Academy! After about two weeks, the teacher rearranged the classroom and seating, so Taylor and I ended up sitting next to each other. After a few days, maybe even a week went on, we began casual conversation. Casual conversation turned into casual smiles, casual smiles turned into casual laughs and casual laughs turned into real genuine smiles and laughs. We laughed about everything in class just as we still do now! We looked forward to having class together everyday. I remember I used to get sad when he would miss class due to senior year trips and meetings. I always looked forward to seeing his bright smile!

Around prom season for his senior year, he had yet to ask anyone to be his date for prom and I did not plan on attending prom that year because I was still new to the school. One day, while I was in English class, a mutual friend of ours texted me and said these exact words, ” What would you say if a handsome black male asked you to prom?’ At first I laughed and my response was it depended on who the “handsome black male was.” Our mutual friend then gave Taylor my phone number. The following day while we were exchanging our normal laughs and smiles, Taylor slipped me a note. We always passed notes occasionally if we were in the middle of a lesson and the teacher was talking, so I assumed that what it was. I opened the note, and in big letters it read, “WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME LEAH?? YES OR NO.” <3 Of course I said ‘YES’!

So on the night of prom the smiles and laughs just continued outside the classroom to the restaurant before prom, in the limo, at prom, and even after leaving prom. He was such a gentlemen to me even though we were just friends. He took his tux jacket off and put it around me, held the door, and made sure I was comfortable the whole night. At this point, I knew it was something real!

After endless laughs in Chemistry class and endless smiles the night of prom, we decided that we would become more than friends! Ever since May, 8th, 2010, we have happily been together! On May 8th, 2015, our 5 year anniversary, Taylor proposed to me at Coquette Restaurant at North Hills at dinner! The proposal was such a surprise! We were eating dinner and I was ready to go after eating! The waitress bought out new utensils and a plate. I was clueless and he played along with it. After waiting about 5 minutes, the waitress walks out with a dessert plate. I looked down and around the rim of the plate written in chocolate it said, “Will You Marry Me?” I was so shocked, I turned my head and began tearing up! I looked back and Taylor was on one knee with a beautiful ring!


Quick Facts

Favorite item on the wedding menu:  Baby green and goat cheese salad with strawberry vinaigrette

Bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts:

Bridesmaids: monogram bottles, bath and body works and chocolates.

Groomsmen: personalized pockets watches and socks

First dance song: Thinking out loud: Ed Sherran

Venue: Marbles IMAX Courtyard & Venture Hall

Honeymoon Destination: Carnival Cruise to Ocho Rios, Jamaica and the Grand Cayman Islands


Describe your wedding dress style?

My wedding dress was a princess style ball gown dress! Instead of white, I chose to go with ivory.


Tell us about your flowers?

My flowers were provided by Fresh Affairs! They were a combination of hydrangeas, peonies, roses, ranunculus, and sweet peas! They were absolutely gorgeous and they lived up to the name of the company, FRESH!








How about your wedding shoes and jewelry?

My wedding shoes were customized nude pumps. The bottom was painted aqua with rhinestone that spelled ‘I’ (left shoe) and ‘Do’ (right shoe).

My jewelry I wore a pearl necklace given to me by Taylor on our 3rd Christmas together and fresh salt-water pearl earrings.


Tell us about his groomsmen?

Best Man: Tyson Mims is Taylor’s younger brother. He is a laid back person who enjoys comic books and video games. Tyson and Taylor are pretty much best friends. When Taylor needs a shoulder to lean on, his brother Tyson is always there.

Groomsmen: Tim Mims is Taylor’s older brother. He is the more lively of the three brothers! He is definitely the more protective brother! If I ever need a good laugh or someone to pick me up, I can always call on TJ!

Groomsmen: Michael Song is one of Taylor’s best friends. They met at their first jobs. Mike is someone who will ALWAYS make you laugh even when you aren’t in the mood! His crazy personality can literally light up the room!

Groomsmen: Josh Brake is Taylor’s other best friend! These two spend most of their time in the gym competing! Josh is someone who Taylor can tell anything to and not worry about him being judged!

Groomsmen: James Middleton is a close family friend of Taylor’s, almost like a brother! They don’t hang out all the time but when they do, it’s always a good time! James is the “turn-up” friends! He is always down for whatever!


Tell us about your bridesmaids?

My Maid of Honor: My oldest sister Vivian Harris. Of course we grew up together but she has always been protective of me as a older sister should be! We have such great times together especially when we workout together or when she is slaying my hair! She’s a great role model not only for myself but also for her daughter, my niece, Aubree!

Bridesmaid: Jessica Harris my other older sister. She is one of the smartest people I know! I would consider Jessica my best friend! We used to go on some wild adventures together when we were in high school and even now! There is never a dull moment when Jessica and I are together.

Bridesmaid: Diamin Obey is one of my best friends since 7th grade! This is my true ride or die! We have been through some crazy things in middle school together! We got separated after 7th grade when she moved to Greensboro and even though we don’t speak every day and see each other, when we do everyone better watch out because its trouble!

Bridesmaid: Bianca Smith is also one of my best friends from high school! She also dates Taylor’s brother which I think is awesome! Bianca is the more calmer best friend so she keeps me sane when I tend to get out of hand! She is probably one of the most sweetest people I have ever met but don’t take advantage of her being a nice person! 





Why did you choose your ceremony venue?

We were familiar with Marbles/IMAX and we wanted a venue for the ceremony and reception in the same place. So we chose the Courtyard and Venture Hall.









 Was there any particular theme or style for your wedding?

We chose to go with a Chemisty themed wedding because we met in Chemistry class in high school.


And your beautiful cake?

Our cake was by Ashley Cakes! It was absolutely everything we have ever dreamed of for a wedding cake! They captured my personality and his favorite flavors in our cake! I loved every bit of it!






Please share your experience with Elana Walker Events?

Elana Walker Events was a great company to work with! Every time we met the famous Elana Walker, there was nothing but laughs! Elana Walker and her team are truly amazing and I am thankful for them everyday! They made my greatest dream come true within 9 months! They made everything run so smooth on our big day! I am forever grateful of them!





Tell us about your wedding photography experience with Donnell Perry Photography?

Where do we start?? Donnell Perry Photography is amazing. From the first time we face timed Donnell Perry to the day of the wedding he was nothing short of amazing! Donnell Perry and his team captured every single beautiful moment you could ever think of at a wedding! They captured even the small moments that no one would think would be thought of! Looking back at the photos taken from the wedding, reception, and the bride and groom portraits they just put us back at that day every time!


What’s your favorite image from your wedding day, and why?

There are so many to choose from! My favorite image from the wedding day was when we were outside downtown Raleigh at night! The lighting was perfect and the scenery was everything! I constantly reply that moment in my head!

Any funny stories about yourselves?

My last summer home before I went off to college, Taylor and I spent literally every day together when we did not work. One day we decided to go to the park for a picnic. Well after we ate and sat and talked we decided we wanted to roll down a hill at the park! Make a long story short, we both had to rush home to take showers. We rolled down the hill so many times that we could not stop itching after the last time! Until this day we laugh about it so hard but we will never roll down another hill in our lives!

Question for the GROOM: What things do you love the most about her?

The thing I love about Leah the most is she is such a fun and loving person. She has a smile that can literally light up someone’s life and a whole room! She is such a beautiful person inside and out and that Is what attracts me to her the most!

 Question for the BRIDE: What things do you love the most about him?

The thing I love about Taylor the most is his giving personality! He never stops giving until everyone around him is pleased! I believe that is what made me fall in love with him. He always put others including myself first! Everyone he meets can sense his genuine personality! His personality and his smile go hand in hand with each other!

Any advice for future brides?

Plan early and don’t stress too much! Have fun and enjoy your day because at the end of everything, ITS ALL ABOUT YOU! Don’t let anyone sway you away from what you want. Planning a wedding for some people is a once in a lifetime thing, so go all out! Just have fun and enjoy your spouse!

Venue: Marbles Kids Museum

Photography: Donnell Perry Photography

Planner: Elana Walker Events

Florals: Fresh Affairs

DJ: DJ Mass Appeal

Cake: Ashley Cakes

Make Up: Natural Beauties By Vee

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