Barclay Villa Wedding | Yolanda & Saiyani

Please share your engagement story and how you met? We actually met on Facebook. One of our friends posted some photos from a probate that piqued both of our interests. Saiyani sent me a message and asked for my number so he could invite me to the next probate. Well, before we could get to the probate, we started to spend more time together and eventually decided to date. Fast-forward 6 years, we had invited our close family and friends over for a 4 th of July cookout. After Saiyani blessed the food, he said something to the effect of making him the happiest man alive. Of course I said yes!

Quick Facts

Venue: Barclay Villa

Honeymoon Destination: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Photography: Donnell Perry Photography

Wedding Planner: Elle’s Dream Events

Entertainment: DJ Free Entertainment

Where was your first date? What did you do? Our first date was Café Driade in Chapel Hill, NC. We sat in the woods and drank lattes while we got to know each other a little better.


How / why did you choose your ceremony venue? The venue we chose was elegant and had a regal feel to it. We wanted to have a royal affair and the venue captured that!


Describe your wedding dress style? I had a mermaid style gown with a little bit of embroidery. The bodice of the dress had some beautiful beadwork and the train as well!



How about your wedding shoes and jewelry? My beautiful berry shoes were Vince Camuto. I had elegant drop diamond earrings with a diamond necklace.






Tell us about his groomsmen? The groomsmen were friends of ours from Saiyani’s law school days, high school days, and is cousin.









Tell us about your bridesmaids? The bridesmaids consisted of our 3 sisters and good friends we have met along the way.


Tell us about your wedding photography experience with Donnell Perry Photography? Our experience was Donnell Perry Photography was phenomenal. He captured so many special moments. The photos turned out much better than we could have imaged. He was efficient with capturing group shots but took his time with our couple photos.


Do you have everything in common or do you have things that you can agree on but poke fun about? We are so different but have the same core values so that keeps us grounded. We share the same birthday month so that is about as common as we need to be!



What’s your favorite image from your wedding day, and why? Our favorite image is the photo where Saiyani is twirling me around in front of the castle. It felt like a magical day and this picture really captured those feelings!


What are your favorite things to do together? We really love to cook and try new recipes. Saiyani is a great cook so every once in a while, I surprise him with a new meal idea.

Any funny stories about yourselves? Whenever I share something embarrassing, Saiyani usually makes a rap song about it. I usually end up on the floor from laughing so hard.


What was your favorite part of your wedding day? My favorite part of our wedding day was our first dance. Everything slowed down and it was just the two of us having our special moment. It was also entertaining since he sung to me the entire time.






DJ Free kept everyone moving on the dance floor!


Any advice for future brides? Take advantage of the love and support from other people. Also, DO NOT STRESS! As impossible as it may seem, having a great coordinator and good bridal party will help decrease the stress. There will be little things that go awry but it is such a wonderful time in your life. Just take it easy and know that your wedding day will be perfect.

Any advice for future grooms? Just be, agree, and all will be fine. Maintain involvement and assist in order to reduce any stress. Also, always be prepared for any unexpected occurrence concerning the planning and execution of the day.

Question for the GROOM: What things do you love the most about her? I love her smile, determination, and grit. She is a very driven woman that gives a lot of herself to her career and others. I love her dreams. She has an insatiable drive for success. However, I love it most, in those rare times, when she takes off her Superhero cape and relaxes, as I see true peace in her spirit that nourishes my soul. On a related note, I love her ability to be silly and fun, wherein we can act like kids and take a break from our demanding careers, as such moments are a quiet retreat, a respite for us. Oh, I would be remiss without stating that I also love her meatloaf and chili.

Question for the BRIDE: What things do you love the most about him? I love how smart he is, his sense of humor and his ability to keep me grounded. Saiyani is the most generous and kind hearted person I have ever met. He constantly reminds me that I don’t have to conquer life’s challenges in one day. His support and unfailing love makes me know that I have a true partner in this world of uncertainty. I also love how we can be ourselves around each other. I am so blessed to have him.

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