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Raleigh Wedding Vendors

Over the years, we have had the honor of working with so many amazing couples to photograph the biggest days of their lives. From the consultation, all the way up to the wedding day communication, team work, and trust is such vital part of creating an amazing experience from beginning to end. One of ways we are able to execute this experience to our clients, is by working with a talented vendor team. This is why we so excited about The Vow Collective, we have teamed up with some of our favorite wedding professionals to bring an experience like no other. Donnell Perry Photography, Elana Walker Events, DJ Harlem Entertainment, and Chaz Reid Films have joined together to offer couples a remarkable wedding collaboration at a preferred rate. For the couple interested in streamlining their wedding planning process for 2020, this is your chance to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity. We have limited slots available, check out The Vow Collective website for more information and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram

Raleigh Wedding Planner

Elana of Elana Walker Events, is one of North Carolina’s most sought after Raleigh Wedding Planners. Elana Walker Events is know for delivering gorgeous weddings. If you don’t believe us, all you have to do is check out her website. Elana majored in fashion design in 2000 at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago and that¹s where my love for beautification, style, and design was refined.

When she retuned to North Carolina, she decided to become a certified wedding planner through the American Academy of Wedding Professionals. Becoming a certified wedding planner prepared her to project things that may happen from early in the planning process, catch things in contracts that are not in the best interest of my clients, how to save my clients money, the proper way to plan a wedding and so much more.

Raleigh Wedding Photographer

It’s me, Donnell Perry of Donnell Perry Photography Raleigh Wedding Photographer. At at very young age I worked in my church’s Media Department. I started out as a grip for one of the mobile camera operators. I spent countless hours studying the technical aspects of the camera. Finally I had the chance to operate a camera on my own, an exciting moment for me.  Several years ago, one of my best friends brought me into the wedding industry. He introduced me to some of the best wedding photographers in the Raleigh-Durham area. I invested a lot of time studying and perfecting my craft under these great mentors. For a while, I worked only as a second shooter.

Meanwhile, I kept attending photography workshops with some of the best wedding photographers in the industry. Only then, I began to photograph my own weddings. Over the years, my talent to use light and photograph raw emotion has set my photography apart. My style of wedding photography is photojournalistic. I like to be behind the scenes capturing those candid moments during a wedding. Every wedding is different and deserves to be captured in a unique fashion. My ability to make adjustments during a wedding is what allows me to capture your most important moments.

Anthony Garnes of DJ Harlem Entertainment is know for his professionalism and attention to detail. Over 15 years ago Raleigh Wedding DJ, DJ Harlem realized he had an undeniable love for music. He took that passion and began polishing his skills on the turntables. His hard work and dedication led him to become one of the most requested DJ’s. Harlem’s love for music began at an early age when he was exposed to a vast variety of music as a child New York. The diverse cultural mecca of New York combined with the cultural influence of the south helped him mold his unique blending of different genres of music. Moving from the North to the South provided him with a unique musical base filled with selections from every genre of music.

Harlem’s unrivaled professionalism and experience have placed him at the top of the industry and earned him both regional recognition and awards making him one of the most sought after and trusted professional DJs. Harlem strives to be one of the best at what he does, and it shows in his performances. Harlem’s most favorite saying’s is “I don’t care where you’re from and what background you come from I will make you dance”. Harlem is consistent in bringing forth uplifting and refreshing creative sets in any genre!

Chaz Reid of Chaz Reid Films, is know for creating captivating wedding films. A father, husband, ex-soldier, leader, creative, and dreamer are a few words that would describe Raleigh Wedding Videographer Chaz Reid and the creative director Chaz in a nutshell. He made a promise his my mother that he would be one of the best. “Every day that I wake up, I make sure every step I take leads me in that direction.” He not only enjoys filming because it’s fun and he gets to travel. Chaz love film because it’s a once in a lifetime event for each and every client, the small business that wants to produce the client’s first commercial for television, its someones 40th anniversary.

“I cannot fail, I will not fail. That is what makes my business better than the rest.” Filming allows him to escape the world for that time being. Once he sets up all of his camera equipment, it’s as if nothing else matters but that moment and finding the moments no one else notices is when Chaz creates the best films.

I look forward to capturing your amazing wedding day.

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