Downtown Raleigh Engagement Session| Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Allison & Matt

Downtown Raleigh Engagement Session
Wedding Planner: Carolina Fete’
Wedding Venue: Walnut Hill

We met in 2015 at our first job out of college. After working together for a few months, and a very fun work party, we started dating. We’ve now been living together for over 2 years with our 4 (almost 5!) year old, Delaney, and our pup, Neville!

I found the ring when cleaning back in February of last year (I didn’t look at it though!). After several different vacations that summer and other opportune moments, I stopped trying to guess when it was coming. Then, one Friday in November, I came home to nobody greeting me at the front door (Neville never fails to jump on me as soon as I get home). I called out “hello?” and Matt responded, “I’m upstairs, cleaning Delaney’s room!” Which was completely suspicious. I went up and when I opened the door, I found Matt, Delaney, and Neville all kneeling and rose petals and signs that Delaney had made saying “Will you marry me?” on the floor. Afterwards, he surprised me with a party downtown with all my friends and family!

Partying with our closest friends and family!

Even though we spend almost all day, every day together (we still work together), we still never get tired of each other. When we spend even a day apart, we start to miss each other.

We wanted some nice, formal shots, but also some that felt more like us. We put on our co-ed soccer team jerseys, and Donnell got some amazing pictures of us in our element!

We had such a fun time shooting with Donnell! He made us feel comfortable in a situation we’re not used to at all. We’re so happy how the shots came out!

I wanted to make sure Allison had the 3 most important things in her life there- Delaney, Neville, and me (in that order). Delaney was very excited to write out the signs herself. The hardest part was coordinating to have family and friends all meet downtown. I had to tell everyone a month in advance without Allison finding out. What Allison thought was a celebratory drink after the engagement ended up being a big surprise party!

We met in 2015 at our first job out of college! We’ve been together for almost 4 years.

Yes! The wedding will be on May 2, 2020, at the beautiful Walnut Hill, NC!

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